Hi, my name is Jake and I'm probably less cool than you think I am. I play guitar and yell in a band called Sleep On It. Let's hug, . http://www.twitter.com/jakesonaplane


“I realized two things from an early age – I was insane and had some kind of comedic thing going on. My brain was wired to think about things in terms of how funny they were.”


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7 years… (Saosin with Anthony Green)

7 years… (Saosin with Anthony Green)


This is our first official music video for our single “Cope” off Everything, All At Once. It’s a compilation of shots from our two week Mid West/ East Coast tour from August. Do us a solid and reblog the video if you dig it. We wanna come play for every single one of you. You help us get there: 


Sleep On It

you know what to do guys. help us spread the video! <3 we didn’t have any fun on tour at all….

Hi Friday,  nice to see you again.

Hi Friday, nice to see you again.

Sweet screen cap bro. anyway this is a new song I wrote today. I did it in one take and I recorded it on my phone so audio quality is low. but let me know if it sucks?

Nothing boosts your confidence like a new haircut. (Miss you @itzlikemomma )

Nothing boosts your confidence like a new haircut. (Miss you @itzlikemomma )

This is going to come off self deprecating, and that’s because it is.

I feel like I have no one to talk to about this so I’m going to blog about it. I’m not looking for pity or sympathy, and just because this is a technically public place doesn’t mean I want attention. 

WHY, oh why can’t I let myself be happy? I push away everything that’s good for me. My own anxiety over what if’s and could be’s prevent me from ever doing anything. I’m almost 26 and I’m a coward. How? I’m not sure. I don’t know how to put a finer point on this. I’m scared of being happy with a girl and it’s embarrassing. I hurt any girl that gets close to me because I back out at the last second. 

maybe it’s because I don’t feel stable enough in my own life to take on another’s as well. I assume that I can’t give the attention they deserve and therefore don’t see myself dating them. It’s a shit reason and I know it. I just end up hurting people I care about. 

I don’t know why I think the alternative is any better: wallowing in being single. Being single sucks and everyone knows it. You’re aimlessly navigating through awkward social situations hoping you meet someone decent with some degree of intelligence. sounds fun right? 

I really hurt someone last night. and for what? avoiding potential failure? I don’t know how to apologize for something so vague and pathetic. 

I’m mad at myself and I hope someday I’ll figure out how to get close to someone without freaking out. 

if you read this, I’m sorry. I know that will never be enough.