Hi, my name is Jake and I'm probably less cool than you think I am. I play guitar and yell in a band called Sleep On It. Let's hug, . http://www.twitter.com/jakesonaplane


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Yay! New music! 

Yellow - originally by Coldplay

We’ll be playing this, as well as some other covers and originals (yeah, songs we wrote) at Potbelly’s in College Park, MD (on Baltimore Avenue) on Tuesday from 7-9pm! So come on down, grab a sandwich, and listen to some sweet tunes! Thanks in advance! 

these two are just getting started listen to their great Coldplay cover! :-) 



So this is what happens when I have Saturday off. I cover One Direction. So here’s my cover of the catchiest damn song on the radio. “What Makes You Beautiful” 

in case you missed this yesterday…

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CHECK THIS. me covering Teenagers by Hayley Williams from the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack. 

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Random video of me playing music of the day: When I Come Around cover (Green Day, Obviously). 


Stay Golden’s Matt Ayo covering Patrick Stump’s song Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) A’Capella. Please Re-Blog and Repost anywhere you see fit, remember the person who can prove they promoted this the most will win a Stay Golden Prize pack.